50 Card Making Sketches Is Live

Just a quick note to let you know 50 Card Making Sketches is now available.

Get your copy now at:


Don’t forget, there is an extra special bonus for the first 100 people! If you are one of the lucky first 100, I will include a bonus set of 15 card sketches. These are brand new and have not yet been seen by anyone (except my husband). But be quick…They won’t last long!

21 Comments to “50 Card Making Sketches Is Live”

  1. Michelle Custodio
    12 Apr

    Thank God. Now I can finally have learn and have some idea for my cardmaking project. I think this is excellent.

  2. Blanca
    14 Jun

    Is this a book we can purchase?

  3. Colleen
    20 Oct

    Thanks I am sure I will get a lot of ideas from you

  4. Lionel
    20 Jul

    Can never get enough Day of the Dead pooths and commentary. Please pots anything you have!! Love your pooths! Someone asked me if it was a school holiday. Is it? How many days?

  5. Leupoldsvj
    06 Mar

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