Big News & A Sneak Peak

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I have some big news!

I know how much you all loved my free Inspired Card Making report (thank you so much for all your comments!)

In it, we explored why it is so hard to stay inspired and constantly come up with fresh ideas and hopefully I’ve helped you move past some of your fears and find more joy in your creations.

I want to take that one step further. I want to ensure you will always be inspired and be able to create cards that you love and that your loved ones simply adore.

We’ve all tried to find inspiration in magazines and online galleries but unfortunately we all run into the same problem – while the cards may look gorgeous, they usually don’t tell you how to make them and if they do, you have to have all sorts of fancy supplies and equipment to make them yourself.

I thought that was simply unfair. Everyone should be able to indulge in the joys of card making and be proud of what you create. So, I wrote my own card making guide full of timeless ideas that can be adapted to suit any level of experience, any theme and any style.

It’s been many hours of work and lots of love but it’s finally here…well almost.

It will be available at:

7am on Friday, 20th November, 2009 (Sydney, Australia time)

For those of you in other time zones, that’s:
12pm on Thursday, 19th November in LA (PST in the US)
3pm on Thursday, 19th November in New York (EST in the US) and
8pm on Thursday, 19th November in London (GMT)

I’m so excited! I wish I could share it with you right now. I have worked so hard on this to ensure it is the most useful easy-to-follow guide to card making that’s chock-a-block full of ideas.

And I’m only two days away from being able to share it with you. I really do feel like a child waiting for Christmas, counting down the sleeps before Christmas morning.

I really wish I could share it with you right now, but as I can’t, I thought you might like a sneak peak at my cover. Here it is:

I’d really love to know what you think. Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you so much!

36 Comments to “Big News & A Sneak Peak”

  1. Doris
    18 Nov

    Wow, that looks great. I live in Canada – will it be available here?

  2. Kerry
    18 Nov

    I would love a copy of this book, I live in the UK where abouts can I get it from please?!?! Do you have an ISBN number or anything like that I could use as a reference. Also what is the cost?!?! Looking forward to getting a copy.
    Kerry x x

  3. Linda
    18 Nov

    Hi! Can’t tell you how much your Inspired Christmas Card Making printoff has helped me as I am fairly isloted where I live. Where in Australia can I purchase a copy of ” 50 Card Making Sketches”. Can’t wait it looks brilliant. Lindy.

  4. Sharon Curtis
    18 Nov

    Will this be available in the midwest/Kansas City area prefered

  5. Kelly
    18 Nov

    I’m looking forward to your new book too!

  6. Jan
    18 Nov

    Looks great, and the two reports have helped me a lot. When will we be able to purchase this in the USA? Will we be able to purchase this on line?


  7. Laura Ugalde
    18 Nov

    Thanks a lot for your incredible ideas! and Congratulations for your book! I live in Costa Rica but I hope I can get it somehow. Thanks again and God bless you!!!!

  8. Cindy
    18 Nov

    I think it looks great too. I hope to find out how to get my copy. I’m always going to parties and getting inspired, but also have to buy something each time. SO this looks great!!

  9. Vera Liddicoat
    18 Nov

    Will it be available in New Zealand please? If so where can this be purchased.
    If not where on the Gold Coast as I might be able to get a friend to buy it for me. Have loved both your other books. Thanks so much

  10. Laurie
    18 Nov

    I can not wait to get a copy of this book! Where will it be available for purchase?

  11. Mary Chandler
    18 Nov

    You are so generous with you time and ideas, Thank you very much! I will be getting your book as soon as it comes out!

  12. Maryann
    18 Nov

    It just loooks fabulous, and like the rest, I would just love to hear, how we can get it and how much it will cost too? Will it be available here as well? I´m i Denmark, or will it be possible to buy it online? I´ll just love to get it, if it´s possible here too, that´s for sure. And thank you sooooo much for all the hard work, you´re putting into helping all of us.

  13. michele olmez
    18 Nov

    thought it looked great and anything that gives me ideas and the know how to put these ideas into practice without having to spend a fortune is a bonus for me so will be looking forward to your book and having a proper look inside it.

  14. Maryanne
    18 Nov

    Looks great, anything that can help, especially with a brain block would be great, will definitely have a look when released.

  15. Anne
    18 Nov

    I would like to purchase this book because your two reports that you gave us on sketches has been very helpful to me. I am new to cardmaking and I truly enjoy it. I made a Christmas card using the sketch that you last gave us and it is really nice. My daughter who has been doing this for years was very impressed. Can’t wait to find out where the book will be available.

  16. Gladys Makin
    18 Nov

    Looks great again Jen – may even make some more cards though I thought I had finished for this year with only finishing touches & enveloping to do.

  17. tricia
    18 Nov

    looks great will it be available in the uk if so do you have any details
    keep the ideas coming xx

  18. Bev
    18 Nov

    You have turned me onto card making after making so many scrapbooks that I need another creative outlet. You make it so easy and I can adapt your samples to many other cards. I cannot wait to get this book and look forward to your telling us where in the Chicago area we can find it.

  19. Heidi Littow
    18 Nov

    Wow!! Congrats!!! That book looks very interesting!!! My problem is that I live in Guatemala, so I´m worry cause it is probably that I culdn´t buy it. That´s why I would like to know if it will be for sale on internet pages like Amazon? Cause that would be asome for me: It´s a chance for me to buy your book.

    Thanks for all the ideas.


  20. Eileen Evans
    18 Nov

    Hi it looks great your christmas one helped me lots as I had not made cards for a few months look forward to this book can you give any info about price & where I can buy it
    Thanks Eileen

  21. Annmarie
    18 Nov

    What can i say that all these other wonderful people havent??? I am counting down the hours – being in QLD i get it at 6am – how cool……. enjoy the time to come………

  22. jackie preval
    18 Nov

    looks and sounds good to me how much is it going to cost?

  23. tricia
    18 Nov

    hi the book looks like it’s going to be great i have got plenty of ideas off the christmas book also .I am in victoria and would like to know if it’s going to be availble here or on line

  24. Beth
    18 Nov

    It looks fantastic…..can’t wait for the 20th.

  25. Ruth
    18 Nov

    looks just what I am looking for I did not know you put out a Christmas one also
    Is it still available? You are very generous with your patterns thank you. Do we buy them direct?

  26. Robyn
    18 Nov

    Congratulations – it will be a huge success which you deserve.
    I sure hope we get to see it here in South Africa.

  27. Marilyn
    18 Nov

    Congratulations the book looks extremely interesting I hope it will be available in South Africa.

  28. Sasha
    19 Nov

    Looks good…can’t wait to open it!!

  29. Gloria
    19 Nov

    Hi, jen, i would love a copy of your new book.I live in South africa.Will it be available in South Africa.

  30. Elna
    19 Nov

    Congratulations – great book. I hope it will be available in South Africa soon.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  31. Leane
    19 Nov

    Looks woderful. I love your other 2 books. So helpful. Would love to get this one. How much and will it be available to download.

  32. Dianne Smith
    19 Nov

    Hi Jen,
    You have out done yourself with this cover and I am sure the contents of your book will be just as great. If the Scrapbooking book is anything to go buy this cardmaking book will be even better. Thank you for talking the time to put both books together for crafters that are not as inspired as you are.
    Where will your book be available from? Please. Well done Jen
    Cheers Dianne.

  33. michelle micallef
    19 Nov

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS on having your book published good job.The cover tells all and it is quite striking.WELL DONE BRAVO you have been a great inspiration. THANKS

  34. Debby Krueger
    20 Nov

    Jenn it sounds simply amazing, I would really like to get a copy, I am in Wisconsin, how can I purchase this book.

  35. Kelly
    20 Nov

    It’s 12noon in LA, California USA
    but I can’t find how to purchase your book.
    : (

  36. Jennifer Gormly
    20 Nov

    Hi everyone,

    The link is at the top of this page for you. You should also have received an email with all the details.

    Thanks so much for all your support.

    Take care, and happy card making,

    Jen 🙂

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