Inspired Card Making Free Report

I’m so excited. My report is now ready!

Many of you told me how much you struggle to find ideas and inspiration for your card making so I wanted to help. I have been busy working really hard creating a very special report just for you.

Inside I reveal the secrets behind my ability to create one spectacular idea after another with ease. You’ll be amazed at how simple it really is. Everyone can do it!

If you haven’t downloaded your FREE report yet, you can get it now at:


Once you have downloaded it and read it, please come back to this blog. I have spent many hours working on this report for you and I’d love to know what you think. Please let me know by leaving a comment for me below.

Thank you so much!


216 Comments to “Inspired Card Making Free Report”

  1. Joanna
    13 Sep

    Thank you for your lovely booklet. it is very inspiring for I just started making cards and it`s very good to have different ideas
    Thanks again

  2. margaret
    12 Oct

    Hi Jen

    the report is fabulous! Very inspiring and am going to have a go at the soonest. Thanks for sharing.

  3. sylvia
    24 Jan

    thank you for your very generous report and sketch ideas for card making Has certainly got my mojo working for the beginning of the year

  4. I received your report and loved it. It started me on that sketch and then going to more sketches and keeping a file on my desktop of sketches. You are so right, using a sketch (plan) takes out the fear and anxiety of making a card. Thank you bunches, I down loaded your report again because in traveling i lost it the first time Thank you bunches and bunches and bunches.

  5. Camellia
    24 Jan

    I got your report. It’s very useful and I’d like to say Thank you very much for your efforts to help other people in crafting! I will use it in my creations!

  6. sue
    24 Jan

    so true that we can spend longer looking for inspiration than in actually making the card! the sketches are a good starting point to think about colours. I usually make 2 the same cards (different colours/patterned papers)at the time. keep up the gr8 work

  7. Dadi
    24 Jan

    Really wonderful, thank you for your dedication!

  8. Iris
    25 Jan

    Yes I have read your and must say it is very helpful and easy to follow. You did a great job thanks very much!

  9. Henriette N.
    25 Jan

    Thank you for the free report. The information is very helpful. Great job!

  10. Juloie Collart
    25 Jan

    Hi Jen! Thanks for remembering me. I am still making cards, abut had a computer crash last year and lost everything. Ended up buying a new laptop so it is great to have your free report so I can start all over again thanks a million and keep up the good work. Julie C.

  11. dale king
    26 Jan

    Jen, love the book it has helped me a lot. Thank you very much for sharing it and for free thats truly amazing…thank you so much

  12. Alicia Pagoaga
    30 Jan

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. It has been very helpful for me. It is very difficult in my country to get information like this and to get the materials too.

  13. Linda E.
    31 Jan

    I just looked at your ideas again and I am inspired. I have been in a slump for a very very long time. I’m getting the itch again so that is as Martha would say “a good thing”. lol
    Thanks so much.

  14. Annette
    01 Jul

    This booklet is going to be in constant use…… I have been so frustrated for so long as to new, fresh ideas….you have got me ready and rearing to go again……

  15. joanne
    15 Sep

    hi Jen I have just started to make cards and I am enjoying it so far
    cheers jo

  16. Petya
    06 Feb

    Hi Jen, Thanks for sharing the Card Making Report

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